Take advantage of the top digital platforms and connect with YOUR consumers in a new and more meaningful way.
Social media platform Social media has changed the rules of engagement among brands and consumers. Consumers are looking for value-based relationships that go beyond the one-way communications of the past. The brands that are able to engage in ongoing digital dialogs build a loyal audience that generates customers who also become brand advocates. First and foremost, successful social media is built off of thorough, insightful strategies. That’s why we research exactly what consumers need from a brand, then create a tailored social media strategy. With it, we build a brand story and social media presence that initiates conversation, enables the sharing of content and mobilizes audiences. Our social media programs, which are fine-tuned regularly with real-time measurement and refinement, can include: • CRM • Content creation • Community management • Media • Social SEO • Social mobile We are completely clear about brands that focus on improving society and on making our lives easier and healthier, gain a greater share of our existence and receive higher levels of engagement and trust in return.
Programmatic buying Introducing the new wave that is turning brand communications and budgets into successful and meaningful campaigns at a lower cost. Programmatic: This is a new technology that allows buyers and sellers to engage in transactions via the programming, or automation, of sophisticated algorithms in a marketplace. It changes the way how a brand should optimize paid media investment from building brand equity to generating sales, and even turning buyers into advocates! If you've been using paid search for a while and haven't tried "programmatic" ads, now could be a good time for a change. Become a recognizable brand and get the best exposure in your target for your investment. Identifiable brands focus on improving society and on making our lives easier and healthier, gain a greater share of our existence and receive higher levels of engagement and trust in return. This is the new trend of marketing and it is the new evolution of advertising. As content creators and media sellers our mission is to leverage data and technology to empower brands with worthy connections. We would like to make a short presentation and demonstrate the benefits of this new technique.
Augmented Reality We have partnership with Lyar. The best Augmented reality App on the market. Using this app we are allowed to create virtual or interactive content from prints, just pointing your mobile direct to an image, no matter if it is on a magazine, a billboard, flyer, package, greeting cards, or any other item to instantly create a personalized Augmented Reality (AR) experience, turning it into something more useful and captivating. Using this app the inspiration has no limits. You can play videos, music, menus, promotions, maps, interactive content, games, 3D views, among others. We encourage interaction with our customers and make our brands and products even more vivid. Creating truly innovative ideas means having expertise in your field. We like to be part of the idea since the brainstorming. We'll find the perfect solution to fit your needs. From our vast experience, we know AR requires imaginative solutions and clear calls-to-action. We'll give your audience the best possible experience. From our experience, we know that the work doesn't end at launch. We'll work with you to optimize your campaign and to improve going forward. We are allowed to customize your app to be unique or use the generic one. The features are the same. Is just about what are the goals of the campaign.
Wearables Web & App We work with several technologies and gadgets that are turning the industry in a complete interactive place. Whether it´s used for events or for advertisement campaign, our sensors can create especial and useful interaction with mobil devices. iBeacon technology allows Mobile Apps to understand their position on a micro-local scale, and deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on location. The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy. A great website is the result of extraordinary effort, attention to detail, a deep understanding of the customer, their data and their target audience. A great website requires compelling, usable, and technically sound composition. Whether you require a basic HTML website or a complex distributed application, our professional team will help you set your online goals and achieve them. Nowadays is fundamental to design based on the principle of responsive design, optimized buttons for touch mobiles assuring to be functional and efficient on any device. Using iBeacons we can build interactive apps with real-time Messaging and optimize the experience in online & offline All those experiences are allowed to be linked insights with Mobile Analytics, analyze, segment, and engage your users using: • Cloud Based predictive analytics • Real Time stream processing • Ingest, Persist and process millions of events per second Apps are available anywhere, anytime for anything. Our development balances minimalistic, intuitive design with feature rich functionality. In order to achieve this difficult balance we spend the time to thoroughly understand your business, customers, features, functionality and goals for the mobile application. We translate your requirements into a design that is natural and inviting to users that also provides the features and functionality they desire.

• Gamification • Manage content and languages • Access analytics • Configure beacons • Brand and style app Features: • Check-in • Floor and Venue Navigation • Personalized, Video Experiences • Networking: Other people nearby • Promotions and advertisements

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